A Little Bit of Background

In late February of 2018, as a belated birthday gift, Michael agreed to dungeon master a little bit of world's best role-playing game to a group of brand new players. Being relatively fresh at this himself, he agreed. Michael prepared content, and on the day of the showdown, he arrived with his brother, Daniel, Jedadiah, and Ryan at Zach's house for an evening of relaxation, and a night full of fantasies (unfortunately, not the good kind.)

The campaign took off without a hitch, given the amount of new players. D20s flew wildly, many drinks were consumed and everyone was really enjoying the campaign, both in concept and content, alike. And then it gets fun. 

To understand the full nature of this story, be sure you listen to D&D, Kinda, as it is where our name stems from. Earlier on in the campaign, Ryan's character, Bartholonude, invites the rest of the party to his domicile for some help in reading over some scrolls he has been studying. Upon arrival, Bartholonude pointed out the the scrolls were in ancient Dragonic text, and as Bartholonude is the only Dragonborn in the party, it's only readable by him. 

As the DM, it is my responsibility to manage the concepts of the game. Upon an attempt to read these ancient scrolls, I made Bartholonude tell me what was on these. Ryan, trying to decipher how to puppeteer this manuvuer in real life, lifts his phone as if it was a scroll, and drunkenly stumbles over his words in the most beautiful of fashions and mutters the following:

Thirteen... Palm Trees.. Have been found... on Thursday

Myself, Daniel, Jed, and Zach all may have laughed harder at that than anything in our lives. It was groundbreaking humor.

The night went on and it became very clear by the end of our session that this was something we wanted to share with the world. It really was never any question what our name was going to be: It was just a matter of getting us ready. And now here we are. We are ready. Are you?

Who are we?