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Part of the Content

Have you ever paid for a radio or television ad? As soon as you hear it or see it, its gone, and you are left wondering if it helped. With podcast advertisement, your ad is part of the content and lives within our episodes forever!


Provided by You, Delivered by Us

Podcast advertisement is so effective due to the connection the audience maintains with the host(s) during the life of a show. The listen to here us talk, and they like what they hear, so why wouldn't they try the things we recommend. By Thirteen Palm Trees delivered your advertisement, it allows for a personalized experience with every ad, every time.


Persistant & Consistent

By advertising on our shows, this allows every new listener to hear about your product forever! Advertise on multiple episodes and shows to establish a consistent and persistent exposure to ensure that more and more people hear about your product!


Unlimited Exposure Potential

So, you bought an ad. Awesome! Now you wait. As the audience of these podcasts expands, so does the potential for your product to reach more people! Every day, our audience is expanding. Act soon to get the best spots for the best price!


Control & Flexibility

Dynamic placement allows Thirteen Palm Trees to change where our ads are located each episode. Its part of the show, and the unpredictability of placement within the show ensures that your ad is heard and not skipped over!


Part of the Show

Since we place your ad in our show, and it is read by us, it provides the ability for you content to not sound like an ad. Dynamic placement feels natural, meaning not only is your guaranteed to be heard, but it is also delivered in a way that is personalized by the personalities that the listeners know and love.


Randomized Placement

No one knows when your ad is coming, and this element of suprise allows us to either give advertisment specialized focus, or simply mention it during the natural flow of the episode. We do our best to make sure that your ad is heard and that you get the return on investment you are hoping for!


Return on Investment

Your ad is out there, its part of our show forever, and it feels smooth, and natural. Now what? Thirteen Palm Trees will work with your to recommend solutions to better track your return on investment such us vanity URLs, promotional codes, and surveys that allow you to track who hearing about your product!

Why Choose Podcast Advertisements?

Statistics provided by the 2018 Interactive Advertising Bureau (IAB) (Reference here)


said that podcast advertisements increased their purchase intent

Heading 2

said that they are likely to visit the advertiser's website after hearing an ad



Podcast hosts are trusted by 45% of all listeners over social media advertisers and general internet advertisements

said they would consider a new product or service after hearing a promotion via their favorite podcasts



have said that podcast advertisement is a primary source of researching new brands and markets

“Podcasting is truly an opt-in medium that creates listener trust, fosters intimacy because it’s consumed audibly and is measurable and scalable. Additionally, most ads come in the form of a host-endorsed message, which is an incredibly effective method of converting a call-to-action to a sale.”

- Kurt Kaufer

  Forbes Councils Member


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